'Another block explorer' you say? This time it's different

What separates nanex from other services:
✔ The fastest and most lightweight block explorer: page load time typically < 1 second
✔ Fault tolerant: Paste anything - the processing engine will automatically pick the correct account
✔ Smart data views: Mold huge datasets into a quick overview
✔ Detailed and limitless access: No tedious pagination
✔ Handy search features: Skip spam transactions, sort ALL the columns
✔ Sophisticated library of tagged accounts: See relations between hundreds of thousands of known accounts
✔ Consistent, non-ambiguous number format and alignment. So you don't have to figure out if 3,000 NANO is 3k or 3
✔ Direct Hyperlinks to account owners' websites
✔ Extended node API - more allowed actions and with decimal NANO numbers

This project doesn't look very spectacular. And it may not be the most pretty website out there. Yet, over the past days, I processed millions of different datasets to aggregate never-seen-before metadata about NANO's block lattice. Why? Because blockchains are a huge intransparent mess. The original RaiBlocks faucets for example caused around 1 million blocks. No human is able to revise those one-by-one, but I wanted to see how rigged the distribution was. So in order to trace the funds, I had to write algorithms to process the data and finally transform it into a human-readable way. With nanex*, it's even possible to see where the funds were funnelled later on, because it shows two nested send layers at once. This is also helpful for the investigation of exchange hacks. All results are cached in a database, so they are super quick to obtain, even for those big accounts.

* I found nanex to be a catchy name for a nano block explorer. This is not affiliated with the former NANEX exchange. I may rebrand to blocklattice.info.

Dive right into it

click here to start exploring at the Genesis account
So far, there are Over 1 million tagged accounts (accounts whose purpose is known). You can also donate data if you are operator of a service.