Consolidated account statistics

This tool wil sum up recurring sends and receives and show the biggest counterparties first. It will also show where funds were funneled on the next level, which is helpful to identify faucet farmers more easily.

Example Accounts: Genesis Nanocenter Twitter Tipbot Acount June 2020 spammer A Discord OTC trader

Statistics for nano_11b3ppijrah4b7rdmaecqiusqj6pa63a1qkxxjkbq8m8bfc6nghczi69o8qa

Account is tagged as "Binance.US Deposit Account #61" (Source: Chain analysis)
Current total balance: 0.00 NANO ( 0.00 NANO pocketed + 0.00 NANO pending)
Total block count: 447 (First activity: 2019-11-20, Last activity: 2020-08-18)
Lifetime received: 1170277.95 NANO (193 incoming transactions inlcuding pendings with at least 1µNANO) Lifetime sent: 1170277.95 NANO (188 send blocks)
Representative of this account: Binance Hotwallet [Principal Repr. 6.0%]

Outgoing transactions: Click table header to sort entries.

RowRecipientNumber of sendstotal NANO sent outEarliest sent to this accountLatest sent to this accountCurrent balance incl. pendingAll-time block activity countLast block activity of recipientBiggest recipient of recipient
1Binance US Exchange Hot Wallet Deposit Account #31246

Incoming transactions: (includes both pending and pocketed). Click table header to sort entries.

RowSenderNumber of receivestotal NANO receivedEarliest pocketed from this accountLatest pocketed from this accountCurrent balance incl. pendingAll-time block activityLast block activity of senderBiggest recipient of sender
1Kraken Hot Wallet Deposit Account #31246
2Binance Hotwallet [Principal Repr. 6.0%]80494025.502019-11-202020-07-312429017.174857452020-08-21Binance Cold Wallet inactive

Creation of the the aggregated data: 174 days ago (updates happen periodically but will only be done if the account made new blocks in the meantime)