Consolidated account statistics

This tool wil sum up recurring sends and receives and show the biggest counterparties first. It will also show where funds were funneled on the next level, which is helpful to identify faucet farmers more easily.

Example Accounts: Genesis Nanocenter Twitter Tipbot Acount June 2020 spammer A Discord OTC trader

Statistics for nano_3g54jpg7yrdtik96dk8nkws6i78uxoj9ypucpnk9xchzurc6euo896jw987f

Current total balance: 150000.80 NANO ( 150000.80 NANO pocketed + 0.00 NANO pending)
Total block count: 5 (First activity: unknown, Last activity: unknown)
Lifetime received: NANO ( incoming transactions inlcuding pendings with at least 1µNANO) Lifetime sent: NANO ( send blocks)
Representative of this account: NanoCrawler / meltingice [Principal Repr. 0.5%]

No outgoing transactions found.

No incoming transactions found. Some spam accounts are not being indexed. Recently created accounts may also take some hours to become indexed.