Unlimited transaction history (pulled from live node)  

This tool will let you view the transaction history of an account - starting with the oldest block first! There are no upper limits on the number of blocks to display, although you might cause stress on your CPU if the number is too high. You can also filter out low value transactions if you want. Pro tip: When you click the other tool, the account will be preserved.

Example Accounts: Genesis Binance Landing Core Faucet

Statistics and transaction history for nano_1sosbdwqfubtkqursazifteca7j36thchnujnd5bhxsy9khdr1i5jf3monma

Account is tagged as "Kucoin Deposit Account #15517" (Source: Chain analysis)
Current total balance: 2885.61 NANO ( 2885.61 NANO pocketed + 0.00 NANO pending)
Total block count: 432 (First activity: 2020-12-22, Last activity: 2021-02-21)
Lifetime received: 1601163.71 NANO (372 incoming transactions inlcuding pendings with at least 1µNANO) Lifetime sent: 1598278.10 NANO (60 send blocks)

Account's Blockchain

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